Setting Safety Standards of Excellence 

Williamson Construction and Equipment Inc Safety Standards Statistics are Industry-Best by not having any lost time injury/illness in our company history. For more information regarding OSHA Statistics contact our office at 409-755-7445.

Williamson Construction and Equipment Inc maintains a field safety system earning full support of employees and admiration of clients. Success in workplace safety results in lower construction costs both through efficiency, quality of work, and achievement of minimum cost of insurance premiums.

Overview of Safety Program Zero Accident Process

Successful Components of our Safety Program:

  • Pre-Project Safety Planning to design a program meeting the needs of the project, operations, and  specific units in which work is performed.

  • Substance Abuse Screening Program for all new hire and current employees.

  • Safety Orientation and Training Programs for all supervisors, employees and subcontractor employees to know the Site Specific Safety Plan.

  • Reinforcement Program of continuous training, meetings, and promotions including employee work group discussions to reinforce and maintain positive behavior.

  • Accident, Injury and Near Miss Investigations focus on fact finding and not fault finding.

  • Assignment of responsibility and empowerment to all levels of management, supervision and employees.

Behavior Based Safety Techniques

Williamson Construction and Equipment Inc is a proponent of behavior based safety techniques. This process is utilized because it has provided proven results for our employees. Our quest for zero accidents, injuries, near misses and losses of any kind has led Williamson Construction and Equipment Inc to become the “best in class” in industrial construction safety.

Value Added and Required Best Safety Practices:

  • Clear communication, commitment and involvement by senior management

  • Job Safety Observation (JSO) program

  • Required Pre-task Planning: JSA, SWP

  • Required training for craft NCCER, ISNET, ISTC, and PowerSafe Training

  • Root Cause, no-fault investigations

  • Stop Work Authority